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Current Meeting Time: 

Wednesdays, 9pm-10pm

Current Meeting Location:

Taylor D


In 1976, an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to Bryn Mawr College for the purpose of helping students learn to invest money in the stock market. The Owl Investment Group was formed and has tracked their portfolio, traditionally giving back money to Bryn Mawr College in the form of club and other donations, and outperforming the S&P 500 index annually.

Executive Board Members

2015-2016 Board Members:

President: Nancy Yannan Li, Class of 2016

B.A. Candidate in Economics and Mathematics



Portfolio Manager: Siran Tang, Class of 2016

B.A. Candidate in Mathematics


Treasurer: Linh C. Nguyen, Class of 2018




Publicity Chair: Camilla Dornquast, Class of 2018




Secretary: Trista Cao, Class of 2018






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