Annual Internship Panel

panels panel-audience

On September 12th, we held our annual internship panel by inviting our bi-co upperclass students who spent their summer doing internship in finance sectors.

Our panelists had internships with various companies in finance, consulting and business as following:

 Goldman Sachs (Global Investment Research, Equity Research)

• Oliver Wyman (Financial Services, Risk & Finance Practice)

• PNC Bank (Asset Management Group, Investment Strategy)

• Morgen Evan Advisory Services (Investment Banking)

Panels not only shared their experiences, but also gave advice to the audience like how to get an internship or how international students can get an internship in the US and many more.

Thank you panels for sharing your experiences, and thank you all for joining us that night!

General Meeting – 03/02/2016

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen:

  • The Oil price is going up. Equities expect the oil price will continuously grow.
  • New York real estate and labor market jumped after decreased in 2015.

Case Study Workshop – by Siran Tang:

  • We had an exercise of matching unidentified industries with their balance sheets in order to see some ways to evaluate a company’s financial status.

General Meeting – 01/27/2016

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen:

  • The Fed announced their goal to keep the short-term interest rate steady around 0.25% to 0.5% and to lift the inflation rate to 2%.
  • The Oil Market kept declining and recently hit it’s lowest point around $27 per share.
  • IPhone sales fell short of projections. There are concerns that the market for smartphones is becoming saturated.

OIG Portfolio Update – by Siran Tang:

  • Currently our portfolio consists of 15 stocks and 1 ETF (Exchange – Traded Fund).
  • Starting from the end of 2015, due to the increase of the interest rate, the stock market has been falling, which has led our portfolio to lose around 10k.
  • Now, we are looking into the European and Japanese stock market. Also, we are going to sell some of our stocks and try to buy some bonds.

Adirondack Cup Competition Update – by Rachael Abraham:

  • Due to the overall underperformance of the stock market, the last quarter ended with around -8% return for our team.
  • Now the team has a chance to change the portfolio, and they decided to change all the stocks they hold.
  • While choosing 5 new stocks, depending on their observation of the market, the team decided not to look into the oil market, basic materials, and REIT’s。

General Meeting – 11/18/2015

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen

  • Due to the upcoming festivities, giant retailers had strong sales in the U.S this week.
  • The Housing Market in the U.S fell 11% last month, reaching its lowest level since March.
  • Due to recent terrorist attacks from ISIS, all European Stock Markets opened low on Monday. However, at closing, the market flatted out before slightly increasing..

Porter’s Six Forces and Tesla – by Hunter Rendleman:

  • Porter’s Six Forces Model is a strategic business tool that helps businesses evaluate the competitiveness and attractiveness of a market.
  • We divided into six groups and each group focused on one force, discussed and presented Tesla’s current condition.
  • The portfolio team did not think Tesla was a bad stock, but it’s stock would not grow quickly so they decided not to buy it now.

Intro to Financial Derivatives and Options – 11/11/2015

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen

  • Some reports show that the U.S Labor Market is doing well. Data shows that the unemployment rate fell in October, while both the number of jobs in U.S and the average hourly wage rose.
  • Alibaba held a big Single Day Sale on Nov. 11th. Its total revenue reached $14.3 billion.
  • On Nov. 4th the government of Japan sold 11% of the shares of Japan Post to the public, delivering around $12 billion. It is the world’s biggest IPO in 2015.

Intro to Options – by Siran Tang:

  • An option is a contract that offers the buyers the right to buy or sell a financial asset at an agreed-upon price during a certain period of time or on a specific date.
  • Traders use options to speculate, which is a relatively risky practice, while hedgers use options to reduce the risk of holding an asset.
  • There are many strategies to control the risk in using options. Graphs of vertical spread and butterfly spread are some of them.

We also had Brainteaser activities that were held by Linh C. Nguyen.

Adirondack Cup Competition – 10/28/2015

Market Update – by Trista Yang Cao:

  • Last week, the main indexes booked a fourth straight weekly gain with the majority of gains coming over the Thursday and Friday trading sessions. However, there has been a modest pullback on Monday and Tuesday this week.
  • Energy stocks continue to fall while technology stocks keep rising to reach new heights on Friday last week.
  • This Wednesday, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee announced that the interest rate would still be left unchanged. However, the Fed was open to raising rates at the next meeting in December.

Stock Pitch – Estée Lauder (EL)- by Hunter Rendleman:

  • OIG decided to buy EL because of seasonal trends. Since we are close to the Christmas season, consumer demand for personal products, like ones created by Estée Lauder, should increase.
  • The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. manufactures, markets, and sells skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products worldwide. Famous brands under Estée Lauder include: Aramis, Clinique, Origins, MAC, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Aveda etc.
  • The risks OIG considered when buying it include its foreign market performance and whether its high price would affect consumer demand.

Adirondack Cup Competition Introduction – by Rachael Abraham

  • The Adirondack Cup is an annually held investment competition among college students that is funded by Adirondack Funds.
  • In Mid October, each team submitted a portfolio, which used a hypothetical $1milion to invest in five small cap stocks among five different sectors. The competition ends in April and the result will be based on the earnings of each team’s portfolio.
  • This year, led by Rachael, the team with six members met twice a week in order to build up a good portfolio. The research is mostly based on news and data in Yahoo! Finance.

Networking Workshop – 10/7/2015

Market Update – by Camilla Dornquast:

  • Central banks around the world have been dumping U.S. bonds at the fastest pace on record.
  • The Fed decided not to raise interest rate.
  • The lower-than-expected inflation rate in U.S caused the commodities market to not do well.

Stock Pitch – by Siran Tang:

  • OIG sold ANIK in the health care sector because it has small market cap and did not do well even when ObamaCare was released.
  • In replacement of ANIK, OIG decided to buy UNH, which has the second largest market cap among its peers. It is a more stable stock.
  • The risk of UNH is that since it has business across states, different state laws for health care can impact its performance.

Tips for Networking – Nancy Yannan Li:

  • Be prepared before the event, such as bring a polished resume, do research etc.
  • Dress properly for the event. Then, during the event be confident and show your interests by asking smart questions.
  • Always follow up within 24 hours by emails and LinkedIn.

Subfields in Finance – 09/30/2015

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen:

  • The Q3 market report shows the Labor market was doing well with more job openings, while Commodities and Housing markets were not doing so well with the dropping price of oil and gold.
  • The U.S stock tumbled a lot in Q3.
  • Microchip Credit Card became standard. News reported that it will be a different, but more secure way to pay. However, it takes time for market to adapt to it.

Stock Pitch – NETFLIX (NFLX) – by Fatema Esaa:

  • NETFLIX is doing Internet television network. The outstanding points about NFLX are that it has high user credibility and weak competitors. Also it keeps expanding original content and is entering Japan and other foreign markets.
  • The risk of NFLX is that it has the possibility of expanding too fast. Moreover, the Television and Music market is a volatile market. In addition, Japanese and other Asian TV markets are already very developed.
  • OIG’s recommendation is: BUY.

Career Opportunities in Finance – by Nancy Yannan Li:

  • Most finance jobs are divided into buy-side (hedge funds, asset managers, private equity, venture capital, mutual funds, etc.) and sell-side (investment banks, stock brokers, and market makers). They play different roles in the market.
  • A financial services company is usually divided into three parts: front, middle and back office. All of them play important roles in the company.
  • Consulting is not a part of the buy-side or sell-side, but is always mentioned when we talk about finance careers. It examines a client’s organization, works out the best approach to improve it, and implements agreed actions to bring about positive, lasting and profitable change.