OIG General Board Meeting (04/23/2014)

Market update

  • Market rose consecutively for the past 5/6 days. S&P 500 is up 0.6% so far this week. New- home market isn’t doing well in March probably because of harsh winter
  • Federal Reserve policy makers are likely to hold policy steady by trimming their monthly bond purchases by another $10 billion to $45 billion and leaving their benchmark interest rate unchanged at near zero.
  • Facebook: Revenue climbed 72% to $2.5 billion, beating expectation. Active users continue to increase and this gives investors a better indication of user engagement. Advertisers increasingly use Facebook ads to boost sales.
  • Apple: a year-over-year decline in quarterly revenue. Apple started supplying iPhones to China Mobile in January. China Mobile is a potential catalyst for iPhone demand in the world’s largest smartphone market.
  • Weibo: Shares of Weibo Corp. jumped 19% in their trading debut last Thursday. Price right now is around 22. After the IPO, Alibaba is set to own about a third of Weibo. Part of the aim of the relationship is to allow Alibaba merchants to advertise to Weibo users

New Executive Board 2014-2015 Elected

We are proud to announce our new Executive Board Members for 2014-2015:

Executive Director: Dingwei Li

Portfolio Manager: Yaxuan Wen

Treasurer: Nancy Yannan Li

Secretary: Yiling Bai

Publicity: Tianyi He

Congratulations! We hope all of them all the best the upcoming academic year.

OIG & LILAC: PwC Women Leadership Series

Aspire to Lead: The PwC Women’s Leadership Series

A live, global forum on women and leadership

Special Guest: Sheryl Sandberg (webcast)
Co-sponsored with LILAC and Owl Investment Group

Participate in a viewing party here at BMC! Join us for free lunch in the campus center!
Skype with BMC Alumna Malli Gupta (’13) and Skye Brainard (’79) at 12:00pm, then watch a webinar with Sheryl Sandberg at 12:30pm focusing on how female students navigate the transition from campus to career.Aspire to Lead: The PwC Women’s Leadership Series 

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014
Location: Campus Center 200
Time: 12:00-12:30 Skype Panel with BMC alumnae
12:30pm-1:30pm (Live Web Cast)
Register: Please RSVP to LILAC via this LINK

12-12:30pm – Skype call with Malli Gupta (Economics ’13) and Skye Brainard (History ’79)
Malli graduated Bryn Mawr in 2012 with a major in Economics and minors in Creative Writing and Political Science. She joined Health Industries Advisory at PwC after graduation. At PwC, she started the Lean In Circles program in New York Metro and is passionate about dialog around gender inclusive leadership. Skye Brainard (’79) majored in history and has over 19 years experience with designing, developing and delivering learning opportunities for professional services firms.

12:30-1:30 Web Cast
Join us for a live webcast featuring Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO and the author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead and Lean In for Graduates. She also set up a non-profit organization called LeanIn.Org, igniting a conversation about women and ambition. During the webcast, Sheryl will offer tips to graduates for finding the right job, negotiating your first salary and succeeding in your career. Sheryl will be joined by Terri McClements, PwC’s US Human Capital Leader and Global Talent Leader, who will share her insights and experiences. The event will be broadcast live from Facebook’s campus in California.

This webcast will be of particular interest to female college students looking for tips on entering the workforce, and will delve into some of the challenges students may face as they transition from campus to career. You can read more about Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s commitment to developing the next generation of women leaders here.

OIG General Board Meeting (04/16/2014)

Market Update:

  • China’s gross domestic product grew by 7.4% in the first quarter, which was the slowest rate in 18 months. However, this was more than the the forecast rate of 7.3% and was successful in calming the nerves of investors.
  • The fed released “Beige Book” report, which is a read on the U.S economy from anecdotes gathered by the central bank’s 12 districts. According to the report, the economy of the entire country bounced back after the growth was hampered by the unusually cold winter.
  • Stock prices went up for Down Jones .
  • Twitter, on the other hand, has been under performing . The reasons being slowing user growth, declining user engagement and premium valuation. There is some potential for its user growth and user engagement to increase in near future, and ad engagement remain healthy as well. The stock rallied at 11% on Tuesday, which is the highest since the day it went public.
  • Alibaba, which is a Chinese e-commerce behemoth , produces more sales and net income than ebay and amazon combined. It can raise up to $15 billion at the valuation of up to $200 billions.
  • Weibo, which is like twitter, is set to begin trading on Thursday in NASDAQ and JD.com, which is Alibaba’s rival filed for $1.5 billion listing in January.

Stock Pitch:
Under Armour
Under Armour is a leading developer, marketer and contributor of sports apparel and now is venturing into foot wear and women’s wear. Its main markets are North America, Eurpe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • Trailing P/E: 67.92
  • Forward P/E 43.35
  • Return on Equity:17.36% relative to cost of capital :9-10%
  • Debt:152.92 relative to cash earnings:347.49
  • Current ration:2.65x
  • Quarterly Earnings Growth-163.4%


1) There is potential of future growth.

  • International Expansion
  • Expanding into new apparels: women’s wear and youth wear.

2) It is venturing into new innovative products as well.

  • MagZip: Zipper which uses magnet to attract bottom rungs of the zipper (http://gearjunkie.com/)
  • Workout Monitor
  • Heart rate strap

It is also venturing into NBA market, which is a huge news in itself.

The last time we bought it before the Christmas season to capture the consumer spending right in the holiday season. We were able to do that and earned few gains.


Owl Investment Group had elections for new executive board. The new executive board for 2014/2015 is:

  • President: Dingwei Li
  • Portfolio Manager: Yaxuan Wen
  • Bank Treasurer: Yannan (Nancy) Li
  • Publicist: Tianyi (Claire) He
  • Secretary: Yiling Bai

Congratulation to the new e-board. We hope you have a wonderful time and continue the great legacy of OIG.

OIG General Board Meeting (04/09/2014)

Market Update:

  • Stocks were higher at midway as investors were waiting for the release of Federal Open Market Committee’s minute from March
  • The minutes reduced the concerns that the central bank would move to raise interest rates sooner than expected
  • Earning reports from Alcoa helped get first quarter earning season into positive start
  • IMF cut its 2014 outlook by 0.1% as it expects the economic expansion to be 3.6% for this year. It further reports that developed markets will have more strength than emerging markets.
  • Some historical data on earnings shows which stocks have more stability. Utilities and financial stocks tend to move the least while tech and consumer discretionary were the biggest movers.
  • Here is the link to the Fed minute:http://live.wsj.com/#!FA796F53-BB95-46BA-A152-4EE658472D75

Stock Pitch

A) Name of Stock: Aetna Inc. (AET)

  • Current Price: $72.86 (April 8th)
  • Sector:Healthcare

Aetna has provision of diverdified health care plans and provides health care management service to employers and individuals.

Aetna Value Proposition:

  • Improve Healthcare system transparency
  • Help people get healthy
  • Foster a more accountable Healthcare system
  • Add value to government program


There is growing demand for controlling healthcare expenditure. Additionally, it has experienced tremendous growth in 2013 and is most likely to continue doing so in future. Moreover the stock is at a modest price. Aetna has a diversified revenue and good profit base.

It has competitive advantage because of its flexible and consumer oriented products. It also has membership in MA geographic expansion and proper network strategy.

Furthermore, it has the right strategy and positioning to continue generating peer leading shareholder returns and is the 3rd largest National Managed Care Organizations.

 Valuation Ratios

  • P/E ratio: 13.93
  • Revenue Growth Rate: 34.3%
  • EPS Growth Rate%: 3.90%

Decision: Aetna would be a good buy for its solid past performance. The risk on profit margin and revenue comes from uncertainity about Obamacare.

 B) Name of Stock: Delta Airlines and Spirit Airlines (Complementary Stock)


Jet fuel is one of the major input cost which affects the profitability of Airlines sector. However, the sector has been growing because of passenger demands despite increase in fuel prices. Additonally, hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. can prevent the price of oil from getting high. No wonder, it has been top performing among 200 industries.


Delta (DAL): It is a major airline company and is the largest in the world by fleet numbers.

  • Market Cap:28.29B
  • P/E:2.73
  • Profit Margin:27.9%

Spirit (SAVE):It is a low fare airline company which has been possible due to reduced services. Additionally, it has low fuel per seat model.

  • Market Cap: 4.11B
  • P/E 23.4
  • Profit Margin 10.69%

Decision: By buying these stocks, we are trying to capture seasonality of Airlines sector. Delta is currently a cheap blue chip company while Spirit is low fare airlines company.


Annual Club Donation Result 2014

Each year, Owl Investment Group donates money to student clubs and fund events at Bryn Mawr as a way of giving back to our community using the money we’ve earn from our investment. We hope to create a positive impact on our community through our donation.  This year, after careful consideration, OIG has decided to donate $200 to Sisterhood and $256 to a student initiated Microfinance interest group respectively.

Sisterhood is hosting a series of events regarding sexual assault awareness and protection on campus this semester. Through helping Sisterhood to fund the month long events, OIG sincerely hope that Sisterhood can successfully raise awareness about sexual assault, aid in the healing process for sexual assault survivors, and promote discussion on how to empower the community to stand up for themselves in adverse situations.

The student initiated Microfinance interest group will enter the Lend for Philly competition. In this competition, teams will find business owners who lack access to standard banking services and provide them with the necessary funds to start their own small business. The practice of Microfinance is a tangible way to promote economic development through helping business practices. As a college-based microfinance group, they would be capable of provide business consulting to local small businesses and deliver small loans. This interest group would be an incubator for Mawrters who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Congratulations to both Sisterhood and Microfinance interest group. Hope OIG donation will help them with their events/project and have a positive impact on our community.

OIG General Board Meeting (04/02/2014)

Market Update: 
  • The U.S. stocks rose after the postive economic reports that gave investors more reasons for optimism about U.S. growth. This gain in stocks came after decrease in the Treasury bonds.
  • General Motors issued a recall for about 1.5 million vehicles because of a steering defect.
  • Apple increased by 0.1% as it was in talks to buy Japan’s Renesas SP Drivers, which makes power-saving smartphone chips, for around $1 billion.
  • Goldman Sachs edged up 0.7% as it is close to selling a trading business based in New York.
  • Google splits into GOOG and GOOGL. Shareholders will get two shares for every one they owned. One set of shares , called Class A, will trade under GOOGL while the other, Class C, will be listed under historic ticker GOOG. Votes of Class A will be counted as one vote while Class C will be worthless in terms of voting.
  • The first quarter of this year was busiest since 2000. 64 companies went public in the U.S. and raised $10.6 billion. Around 50% of the IPO’s were from healthcare sectors. Technology firms were active as well. Companies such as Box Inc., Go Pro are also expected to go public.

Stock Pitch: 

Name: TLT (Treasury Bond) 
TLT reflects the price of 20 years or older treasury bonds.It was priced around $109 and also has dividends of 2.9%.TMF is another similar stock which is leveraged three times more than TLT. 
Trends: TMF shot up in April through July and then declines until following year. 
Why? TLT is a safe stock because it is not a company, which means that it will not go bankrupt.However, it will also not hoot up like other stocks do. Our portfolio has many bull stocks, so TLT will counterbalance them. 
Prediction for the stock: Since Quantitative Easing (QE) has been reduced, which means that printing of money has been reduced in economy, less stocks are bought. As demand for stocks decrease, price of stocks are increasing. This means that people will look for safer haven, which is provided by bonds.

What can we do? We can buy 100% TLT bonds, which means fewer risks,less volatility and fewer gains. Also, we can buy 100% TMF bonds which entails nore risks. Thus, a balanced combination of TLT and TMF bonds is another option. 

Investment Terms: 

Bond Investment: It is a long term investment. In Bond investment investors loans money to either governmental or corporate entity that borrows funds for a defined period of time. Bonds are then utilized by the entity to finance various projects. (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bond.asp)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): It is a security which tracks index but trades like stock on an exchange. (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/etf.asp)
One we have in our portfolio mimicks S&P 500. 
Helpful fact: Bonds and index funds can be used along with stocks to diversify portfolio. 


Lunch with Fidelity Senior VP, 4/15

Samantha O’Neil , (’90 Sociology) Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Fidelity Investment Group, will be visiting campus on Apr.15th. Samantha has 20+ years of experience in marketing. She is also part of company-wide initiative to engage more women in planning for their financial futures.  Please join us for this rare opportunity.

Registration link : https://brynmawr.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9YMOWDvGUV1D6Cx

OIG General Board Meeting (03/26/2014)

Market Update:
  • Treasury prices rose as concerns eased about Fed increasing interest rates sooner than expected
  • European Central Bank president Mario Draggi told that he sees economy recovering but necessary efforts are required to maintain price stability
  • Chinese manufacturing and trade data reports have been weaker. So many marekt watchers are anticipating stimulus of People’s Bank of China.
  • In Stock market: The Dow Jones Industrial average was down by 38.54 points. The S&P 500 was down by 17.48 points while The Nasdaq decreased by 125.56 points. The Nasdaq closed at its lowest level on Wednesday, March 26 in six weeks.  (Source: ABCNews)
  • Fed’s annual banking stress test was conducted. 29 of the 30 largest institutions were able to adequately capitalize and withstand severely adverse economic situations, except for Zions Bancorporation. This test is conducted to check if a bank has enough capital to handle adverse economic situations.
  • Fitch Ratings has affirmed the U.S credit ratings at the top-notch triple A-Level, with a stable outlook.
  • Apple (AAPL) shares went high after their discussion with Comcast about possible streaming deal. Facebook (FB) shares were down , after its announcement late Tuesday that it will acquire Oculus VR in a $2 billion cash and stock deal.


Portfolio Update:
We purchased more airline companies because revenue growth is expected. We chose Delta and Spirit Airlines to purchase. Delta has high earnings per share and low P/E ratio, while Spirit specializes in cheap airfare. Also Spirit has high earnings per share. However, we are planning to get rid of Alaska Air as we do not to overflow our portfolio with just one type of industry. We also purchased Disney Walt, which is a major leader in media industry. We decided to hold Michael Kors because there is expectation of more growth. Also retail industry, which includes Michael Kors and Under Armour, has had fast growth.
Focus on NetEase:
NetEase is one of our companies in our portfolio. It went public around 2000 and have 7600 employees. It is involved in online games, e-commerce, mobile games and other services. It has massive marketing platform. It has high profit margin and has high potential of revenue growth because of its innovative games and applications.
In order to learn more about NetEase, you can access their official website: http://ir.netease.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=122303&p=irol-irhome
Stock Pitch: 
A short video of “How to Stock Pitch in 13 slides?” was shown. The link to the video is:

Sign Up For Barclays Trip

If you still would like to register for this Friday’s Barclays visit, p lease email info@bicofinance.org. The deadline for signing up is midnight today.

Trip Information

Date: Friday March 28th

Event Start Time: 2:00 pm

Duration: 3-4 hours

Location: New York City (near Times Square)

Barclays Mandatory Meeting and Travel Information

Please note that if you sign up for this trip, you must  attend the following MANDATORY MEETING

Date: Tuesday, March 25th

Duration: 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Location: Haverford, Stokes 010

For Friday’s trip please make sure that you have an adequate supply of cash for food purchases and transportation. You must buy your Megabus ticket ASAP (see transportation information section below for more information).

Transportation Information:

Event Location/Address: Barclays Capital, 745 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019

Everyone has the freedom to arrange their own travel plans for arriving to the event. Make sure you arrive in NYC by no later than 1:00 pm! We will all meet at 1:30 pm at the Barclays Capital building in order to go through security as a group. If you would like to travel with the board, you are more than welcome to join us! The board’s travel plans are as follows:

Meet at the Septa Haverford R5 station

(To: 30th Street)

Departs: 8:12 am

Arrives: 8:33 am

Price for ticket: ~$5.00

**Meet at 8:00 am**

You will need to purchase a ticket at the station or on the train.

(You can also hop onto the same train at the Ardmore station if that station is closer. Departs: 8:14 am)


(To: NY, 7th Ave & 28th St.)

Departs: 9:00 am

Arrives: 11:30 am

Price for ticket: $13.50

1) Buy your ticket ASAP . If you do not reserve your spot early, you might have to take a later bus.

2) We will reimburse you for your Megabus ticket to New York only.

**You must send your e-ticket to info@bicofinance.org as soon as you purchase your ticket in order to be reimbursed**

NY Metro

(To: Barclays)

Time: TBA

Price for ticket ~$2.25

We will take the 1 train uptown from the Megabus stop in NYC to Barclays. Board Contact Info:

(925) 899-9473 Matt Corbin

(818) 515-0072 Alex Villalta

(610) 509-5697 Cecilia Li

(678) 761-3047 Tom Yi

(626) 807-6604 Leslie Tjing

(646) 330-1895 Ethan Pan

1. Everyone is responsible for arranging their own transportation after the site visit. The club will not be covering these transportation costs

2. Due to budget constraints, the club will be covering only the Megabus cost on the way to New York, and will reimburse you up to a total of $15.00. The Septa tickets to 30th Street and the 1 train tickets to Barclays will not be covered (the price should be about $5.00 and $2.25 respectively).