OIG Meeting #4 – 10/5

Leslie Warren, BMC Class of ’08, and former portfolio manager of OIG!!, graciously extended her time to come chat with the members on her life post-college, working in finance. Leslie currently works as an analyst of asset management at JP Morgan. Below are some key notes and helpful advice taken from the meeting:

*JP Morgan has good risk management (a bit more risk adverse compared to the other bulge-bracket banks), which would largely explain for sustaining strength throughout tough times.

*Leslie enjoys working in Asset Management (Private Banking) for she finds it to be a more personable area of finance, as her job entails managing the wealth and portfolios of individual investors; more client interaction, etc.

*Leslie suggests to really prep and review your resume before sending out to employers. Stay updated with CDO! (Leslie got her job working at JPMorgan through the CDO, starting as a summer analyst her junior year summer and then was granted an offer to come back full-time)

*Some good reads to keep yourself updated on current economy: Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist, and the NY Times Green Blog.

With a month of OIG behind us, things are looking great! There will be no meeting for OIG next week as it is fall break, however we look forward to seeing all your faces Monday, October 19th (9pm Dalton 119) for our first meeting back from break! Nat will finish up her presentation on “Investing 101” as well as discuss the newsletter containing updates on how our portfolio is doing. In the meantime and over break, we encourage you to start researching for some companies that might be good to invest in/add to our portfolio!!  (Click on the helpful links tab featured at the top of  this blog for some good websites to start with; and utilize Google to find other helpful sites!)

**We welcome your suggestions for anything that you’d like featured on the blog, so please let us know! you can email any questions/suggestions pertaining to the blog at lamirhekma@brynmawr.edu

Thanks and have a great break! Can’t wait to see you ladies when we get back!!!