Stocks to Further Consider…

During tonight’s meeting, we looked at our portfolio (which was down quite a bit… however keep in mind the markets have been VERY volatile –> the Dow fell below 10,000 points today for the first time in 3 months).

Let’s each do research on the stocks we are investing in! Each person should take on at least one of our stocks and research it, look up how it’s doing relative to its competitors, industry news, etc. and bring any info you find to our meetings! *Please see the ‘PORTFOLIO’ section of this blog to see which stocks we are currently investing in! Then, utilize google, as well as any of the websites listed under the ‘LINKS’ tab, as tools to research stocks we are currently investing in… as well as other new ones of course!

**Some stocks we are particularly interested in and looked at this past meeting: Eagle Rock Energy Partners (EROC), Nokia, as well as Infosys (in India) and China Mobile Limited (in China)… lets see if we can gather some more research for our next meeting so that we can further explore our options! (shall we buy? shall we sell? shall we hold?)

KEEPING OUR MAIN GOAL IN MIND: Diversification of Portfolio

-we’re mostly investing in larger companies, but we would like to start looking towards smaller to mid-cap companies to invest in.

-investing in other countries (such as BRIC -Brazil, Russia, India, China**, and other developing countries)

various industries (right now, we are very focused on technology… I suggest we start looking more into Clean Tech and Energy..)

*Not sure how to decide which stocks to invest in? Nathalie will be presenting how to dissect an article on a stock, and how to act upon it!


**Club Donations –  MARCH 1ST (week before spring break)!

**Elections coming up – 2 weeks after Spring Break!