Election Information (For Next Week 3/22)

It’s that time of year… election season. With the end of the semester in sight and the weather finally tolerable, it is time to start the process of passing the torch. Elections will be held on March 22nd during our normal meeting. Below is a description of each position. Candidates may run for multiple positions and will address why they are running and what qualifications they have for all of the positions they are running for in one speech. We’d like to keep speeches to around 2 minutes per person so that we have ample time to hear from everyone, discuss and vote.

The president is responsible for overseeing all club activities and liaising between the college, the executive board, and the general meetings. The president coordinates all special events (trips, lectures, workshops, panels) and works closely with the other board members to support them in their roles and ensure that things are getting done.

Portfolio Manager:
The portfolio manager is responsible for executing trades, overseeing all portfolio activity, and advising the club on possible stock suggestions. She must follow the market and keep members up to date on major market and portfolio movement in whatever way she sees fit (newsletter, verbal, blog posts, a combination, etc.). The portfolio manager should be familiar with how trading works and feel comfortable researching investment opportunities. She will run several meetings throughout the semester.

Bank Treasurer:
The treasurer is responsible for all OIG non-money market cash. She must keep record of all expenses in an excel spreadsheet and work with administrator Mary Cataldi to get funds needed for club donations and for OIG itself. It is the treasurer’s job to ensure that clubs who are awarded money during club donations do receive their payments. The treasurer oversees all transaction activity.

Publicity Chair:
The publicity chair is responsible for publicizing the club and overseeing club recruitment. She will also coordinate club donations and send weekly reminder e-mails to club members and the general BMC community (through activities e-mails) to advertise for and provide information on special events and regular meetings.

The secretary is responsible for reserving meeting rooms (and rooms for special events). It is her job to take minutes at general and board meetings and distribute these to the appropriate groups. She is also responsible for keeping the blog up to date.