Welcome to 2011-2012 OIG

Dear all,

Sorry for the late posts on the minutes of of Owl Investment Group. I am still working though the blog system and I will try to keep the updated on time start from this week. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on the blog or if there is anything you want to see on our blog.

We had a sucessfull promotion at Fall Frolic. Many people showed interests and signed up.

Thank you all for coming to the first OIG meeting this semester. 

We will be having our weekly meeting at Taylor G from 9 pm to 10 pm every Wednesday this semester. OIG publicist Wendy will send out emails about meetings every week through OIG email list. Just sign up if you want yo keep updated or see our blog.

On the first meeting, the Board members introduced themselves.

Sophia Abboud 12′ President, Psychology Major

Lingyi Sun 12′ Portfolio Manager, Economics Majoy

Wanda Lee 12′ Treasurer , Cities Major

Wendy Huang 14′, Publicist, Mathematics Major

Yiran Zhang 14′ Secretary, Mathematics Major.

We also invited everyone else introduce themselves with their class year, majors/potential majors, why they are interested in OIG and what did they do during summer.  If you want  your introduction posted on the Member section on our blog, just send me an email  about your major, interest and I will update those soon.

Firstly, all the members came to the meeting voted on the new Logo for OIG and gave the $ 25 gift card to the winner. Yeah!  Hopefully we will be able to put the logo on the blog soon.

Sophia did an awesome presentation to introduce the background on the OIG and the future plans for this semester.  There are several thing we are hoping to achieve this semester

  • Set up new system on picking stock and keep a record of every new purchase.
  • Make some adjustment on the current portfolio concerning the unbalanced proportion in each sectors.
  • Workshops on our new stock instrument tools, MorningStar, Capital IQ
  • Career tutorial on Finance, Consulting and Management
  • New York Trip( we will hopefully meet with people from BlackRock), a Friday around the end of October and attendence will be the only  factor that we used to decide who will attend. Transportation will be covered. Come to our meetings and remembe rto sign in. 
  • Club donations
  • Guest speaker
  • Resume, interview workshop
  • Board will put up a Market update and post on the blog

Next week, we will talk about some basic knowledge in stock market. Hope to see you all again.