Club Donation

Thank you all for coming too this week’s OIG meeting. Hope everyone had a wonderful fall break. We will have more exciting stuff for the second half of semester.

This week is club donations. This is an OIG tradition that holds every semester where we donate up to 2000 dollars to campus clubs as a way of giving back to Bryn Mawr.

The first club is the CCSA (Chinese Culture Study Association). CCSA is asking for funding for their Chinese New Year Dinner. This will be a Bi-Co event and about 85 guests are expected. The treasurer of CCSA presented the list of the items, including food (both raw and processed) and beverages that they plan to have at the dinner. They planned to purchase all the items in Chinatown. The time of the dinner will be early February. The are asking for 560 dollars.

The second club is the ASA (Asian Students’ Association). Members from ASA are asking for funding for the Asian Culture show on the November 12. In order to match the theme of this year’s culture show, this is diversity in Bryn Mawr Campus. They plan to invite Philippine dance team and perform Chinese ribbon dance. They ask for funding for miscellaneous items including food and guests and ect. The total budget of the event will be 3000 dollars. The amount they asked for is 500 dollars

The third group is the ‘Seven Sisters in China’. The goal of ‘Seven Sisters in China’ is for women from Seven Sister schools to have better communication and connections among themselves. The presenter showed a video about the conference in Beijing, China. The video talks about the conference they had in Beijing. The reason why OIG should donate the money is to help spread word about Bryn Mawr. The estimate amount is 3000 dollars. The amount they are asking from OIG is 600 dollars.

The fourth club, MUN presents its proposal to support the club to go to Model United Nation Conference in UPenn. They want all the delegates will be able to go to the conference from Thursday to Sunday. MUN ask for funds to reimburse the transportation for 12 of their members. They have funding from SGA  but they still need 300 dollars to cover transportation costs.

The fifth club is the Art club. They are asking for money from OIG to purchase new sewing machines in the art studio. They have a total of three sewing machines and, two of three are working poorly and one of them is completely broken. The art club provides sewing class with their own funding. Both classes and sewing machines are open to all people at campus.

After the discussion in the group about the donation decisions, we decided to give four of the five clubs the money they requested.