OIG update 11.2

Dear all,

Thank you so much for coming to our OIG meeting. OIG is thinking about inviting a professional to have a workshop on resumes. This workshop will focus on resumes for positions in financial firms. We plan to hold a workshop during the week and we will invite Bryn Mawr alumna June Lee who is currently working in Morgan Stanley. We will have lunch together on November 23rd, 2011. We will ask her some questions to get more insights about the working environment in Morgan Stanley and some general information about interviews and internships. We will also be having our winter party and there will be tons of wonderful food. Please come and join us for the celebration at the end of the semester.

Wanda did a presentation about the stock of General Electric. GE provides various services to different industries. It’s one of the early companies, called bluest of blue chip. The latest earning call showed steady growth especially in the energy sector. GE is considered as undervalued compared to its peers. Volatility of GE flows with market. GE has the highest Beta (a number describing the relation of its returns with those of the financial market as a whole) compare to its competitors. It was held by 46 hedge funds compared to MMM(29) and CSL(15), TYC(48).

GE just renewed its contracts to service two nuclear power plants in Spain. It’s a long-time safe stock.

The stock we bought last week Schlumberger ended 72.74. It looks like the stock is doing good.

We decided to do wait to a later date about GE. Also, we want more members to look into more stocks in emerging countries.