Welcome back OIG

Welcome back! Thanks for coming to this semester’s OIG. As usual we will meet on Wednesday night at Taylor G. This semester, we will have more interesting events and learning experiences for all the members.

Throughout the semester, OIG will continue promoting more awareness on campus and please let is know if you have any ideas as to how to make OIG better known throughout campus. During this semester, we will continue to have workshops to teach members more about financial markets and tools to evaluate the values of stocks and help members to develop their own choices of portfolios. Also, we will encourage members to do presentations about their choices of stock and do evaluations about their choices and suggestions will be considered by all the members. It’s your chance to make your contributions to the club and make a difference in our portfolio with OIG’s real money.

During the semester, we will also have our club donations and NYC trip. We will be visiting different firms this semester and please submit your top choices of firms that you will like to visit and OIG will work towards making it happen.

In summary, welcome back. We are looking forward to a new semester with you and helping to prepare you for possible future plans in any of the financial fields.