Message From The President

Dear Owl Investment Group (OIG) members,

Welcome back to Bryn Mawr!

The 2012-2013 Executive Board is really excited to have you back and share with you exciting, new ventures and opportunities for our members, both new and old. Over the previous years, our role has been to introduce and support members of the Bryn Mawr community interested in the business and finance world. In the past, OIG has offered its members the opportunity to network and learn about investing through real, hands-on experience with our ever growing portfolio. This year, we will continue the success of OIG’s legacy of strong financial performance, while bringing about new opportunities for our members to learn, network, and practice in the business and financial field.

We will be collaborating and hosting student and alumni events with other business-focused groups. OIG will be part of a new colloquium of clubs helping to build a strong Bi-Co Business community. We will especially continue our commitment to support women in business and finance fields through women-focused initiatives, the first of which will be hosted at the BlackRock financial firm next month. In addition, we will expand this effort to promote diversity through future events and support minorities in financial and business fields. Our first field trip of the year will be to JP Morgan in New York City, on September 28th, 2012–we invite all our members to join us!

Lastly, OIG is proud to announce — for the first time — that Bryn Mawr College is an official participant in the Adirondack Cup Competition! A team of 5-10 talented finance-driven students will be assembled in the following two weeks. They will compete against other top colleges and universities in an investment competition throughout the year. We invite all OIG members (new and returning) to apply to be part of the Bryn Mawr Adirondack Cup Team. There will also be new opportunities for members to be part of a NEW OIG Portfolio Management Committee and an OIG Marketing and Publicity Team.

To learn more about the Adirondack Cup Competition please visit:

We invite you all to take part in these great opportunities. Detailed information on all these events will be given at our first meeting on September 11th, 2012Our weekly OIG meetings will be Tuesdays at 9:00PM in Taylor G — we hope to see you there!

Best Regards,
Andrea V. Parra
President & Executive Director