Annual Club Donation Result 2014

Each year, Owl Investment Group donates money to student clubs and fund events at Bryn Mawr as a way of giving back to our community using the money we’ve earn from our investment. We hope to create a positive impact on our community through our donation.  This year, after careful consideration, OIG has decided to donate $200 to Sisterhood and $256 to a student initiated Microfinance interest group respectively.

Sisterhood is hosting a series of events regarding sexual assault awareness and protection on campus this semester. Through helping Sisterhood to fund the month long events, OIG sincerely hope that Sisterhood can successfully raise awareness about sexual assault, aid in the healing process for sexual assault survivors, and promote discussion on how to empower the community to stand up for themselves in adverse situations.

The student initiated Microfinance interest group will enter the Lend for Philly competition. In this competition, teams will find business owners who lack access to standard banking services and provide them with the necessary funds to start their own small business. The practice of Microfinance is a tangible way to promote economic development through helping business practices. As a college-based microfinance group, they would be capable of provide business consulting to local small businesses and deliver small loans. This interest group would be an incubator for Mawrters who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Congratulations to both Sisterhood and Microfinance interest group. Hope OIG donation will help them with their events/project and have a positive impact on our community.