Annual Summer Internship Panel

Bryn Mawr Owl Investment Group starts its first meeting by Annual Summer Internship Panel on 9/17/2014.

Panelists list is as follows:

• Carmen Lai ( International Studies Major, Class of 2015, BMC):
– JP Morgan Chase in Newark, DE
– Corporate and Investment Banking: Financial Control

• Aly Walsh (East Asian Studies & Economics Minor, Class of 2015, BMC):
– JP Morgan Chase in Newark, DE
– Corporate and Investment Banking: Financial Control Project Team Intern

• Ziye Lin (Mathematics Major, Class of 2016, BMC ):
– XL Group in Exton, PA
– Actuarial Intern, Specialty Line

• Tom Yi (Mathematics & Economics Major, Class of 2015, HC) :
– Richmond Hill Investment Co. in NYC
– Summer Analyst, Value-investing hedge fund

• Laura James (Sociology Major, Class of 2015, BMC) :
– The Trivedi’s Congress Campaign for Pennsylvania’s 6th congressional district
– Finance Intern

Each of the panelist shared his or her experience about their internship this past summer. They started by talking about their general experience- what did they do and what is the industry look like. Then they also shared about how they got their internships, their ups and downs during the internship, advantages and disadvantages of coming from an liberal art college. In the end, they gave us their best advice:

-Learn some excel skill. Excel has been used a lot in business related industries

-Ready to take challenge. Those internships are very challenging for students.

-Think step by step logically , rationally and think ahead

-Talk to alumnae. They are the best resource for whatever you want to learn about the industry.

-Know your selling point. Your selling point is going to help you get your dream internship

-Willing to learn. You will learn a lot in an internship.

-Show your interest. People love to work with interns who love their jobs

-Ask questions. Ask for anything you don’t understand and the reason for specific tasks

-Be a quick learner. You need to try your best to learn a lot and fast during your internship.

Many of the students stayed to talk to the panelists after the panel was over and we learned a lot from them. We would like to thank all of the panelist for coming and taking their precious time to talk to OIG members.