OIG Meeting #3 – 9/28


Nathalie Schallock, OIG’s portfolio manager, gave a thorough presentation on financial tools and analysis, useful for analyzing stocks and deciding whether or not to make an investment. We hope to get Nat’s helpful presentation up on the blog sometime over fall break, so keep checking back!

OIG Meeting #2.. Annual Summer Internship Panel! 9/18/09

Hi all,

At our second meeting, OIG featured a panel consisting of 4 Bryn Mawr students who took the time to share with us their  experiences from over summer, each of them having had some sort of finance internship. The panelists discussed where they worked, what is what like working there, what their daily activities entailed, etc. In addition, each panelist offered insight into the world of finance and what it takes to get into such a demanding industry. The students shared their perspectives on the differences between working at a small firm versus a large firm, working as a women in a predominantly male driven industry, and what it’s like working in such an industry coming from a small liberal arts environment.

The panelists certainly had a lot to say and a lot of advice to offer! On behalf of OIG, we graciously thank the panelists who shared their experiences! Below is information on the panelists, where they interned, as well as contact info in case you have any questions you’d like to ask them! In addition, be sure to contact/visit CDO for internships and job opportunities throughout the year!


(Name, Year, Major. Company, Location, Job description, Contact Info) 

*Romy Dewar, 2011, Math Major. ING, NYC, Trading, rdewar@brynmawr.edu 

*Tanya Kaur, 2010, Political Science Major. The Bank of New York Mellon, kkaur@brynmawr.edu

*Sara Marcus, 2010, Math/Economics Major. Novantas, NYC, Consulting, semarcus@brynmawr.edu

*Lilly Amirhekmat, 2011, Math/Economics Major. Fredericks Michael & Co., NYC, Investment banking/M&A, lamirhekma@brynmawr.edu

OIG’s First Meeting of the Year! Welcome to OIG!!!

September 14, 9PM, WELCOME TO OIG!

    • Welcome to OIG!
      • OIG Board Member Introductions (President: Alyssa Martin, 2010; Portfolio Manager: Nathalie Schallock, 2010; Treasurer: Sasha Bereznak, 2011; Secretary: Lilly Amirhekmat; Publicity Officers: Jill Settlemyer, 2010 and Yufan Wang, 2011)
    • Club and New Member Introductions
      • Seated in a circle, all new and returning OIG members introduced themselves. It was quite a large group of beautiful, strong, and sophisticated women eager to learn about the current economy, the broader financial markets, investing in stocks and bonds, managing a portfolio, and tons more! It’s going to be a great year girls!  
    • “The Stock Draw”
      • Each member then wrote down the name of a company they would be interested in investing in (regardless of how much they actually knew about the company)… the slips of paper containing company names were placed in the raffle pile… then one company was drawn…
    • ***The purpose of “the stock draw” was to teach a lesson and glimpse at what trading securities in a financial market is like. The lesson is that there is a lot of risk involved, and you never know what to expect when you are trading or investing in a stock (especially if it’s a start-up company)… but that’s okay! Without taking risks, in fear that you might lose, you’ll never have the chance at winning big! Besides, a lovely anonymous alumnus donated $100,000 to OIG specifically for the purpose of providing students with the opportunity to practice the tools of trading and investing in securities, without the fear of incurring great losses that would affect them personally. So, don’t be shy, shout out your suggestions, and let’s try them out! J Who knows, your “high risk” suggestion might reap great rewards!

((We will be learning more about trading as the year progresses… for now, I recently came across this website on trading in case you’d like to check it out: http://www.cmsfx.com/en/forex-education/online-forex-course/chapter-3-technical-tools/risk-management-creating-trading-methodolgy/ )) 

  • Nathalie presents OIG’s first newsletter of the year! An insider’s look at how our portfolio is doing and a brief overview of current economic issues. Check out the newsletter section of the blog to find the link to this month’s first newsletter, and be on the look out for our next issue – expected to come out later this month! (OIG newsletter will be published on a bimonthly basis; Questions: Nschallock@brynmawr.edu)
  • Lilly discusses this here blog and addresses a major goal of OIG this year being to increase participation and communication amongst the members of OIG via the blog. We encourage all members to actively be checking the blog for important information regarding OIG, the current economy, etc.
  • Anna presents “Subprime: The Musical”…a super fun way to learn about the economy! More to come next time… stay tuned and we hope to see you next time at OIG!
  • Monday nights, 9 PM, Dalton 119 (note the room change!!**)
  • Our Next meeting will feature the annual OIG INTERNSHIP PANEL!! Monday, September 21st, 9PMDALTON 119   !!!  Come to OIG to hear about what some of your peers did over the summer relating to careers in finance! What better way to learn and pick up some valuable information when you can kick back, relax, and have fun with your fellow members of OIG! J

Meeting 4/13 Recap

Our meeting on Monday, April 13th was our last general meeting of the semester – thanks to those of you who came. Since we will not have the opportunity to meet as a group to vote on changes to our portfolio before the summer, Nathalie will be sending out an e-mail survey in the next couple of weeks so we can finish making decisions that may affect our portfolio in the next several months.

Here are a few articles I found pertaining to clean/alternative/renewable/sustainable energy, one sector we agreed to look into.