General Meeting 3/1

Finally it’s the spring round of OIG’s Club Gift Donation meeting! There’re countless ways we can give back to Bryn Mawr, and OIG gives back to the college in the form of club funding, supporting clubs and individuals on campus to implement their special events! OIG has become particularly popular this year, thus received a number of amazing applications!

Here’s a list of clubs or individuals who came to OIG’s meeting to present their ideas:
1.Mawrter Entertainment
2.Bi-co KSA (Korean Student Association)
3.BioVision Conference 2010
4.The Jewish Student Union
5.PEIA (Project Education in Africa)

Although each presentation was kept under 5 minutes, we were all very impressed by these innovative ideas that would help enrich our experience at Bryn Mawr. At the end of the meeting, members of OIG had a lively discussion, and voted on how much we shall allocate to each club.

Come by on March 15th as we’ll be having our General Meeting, featuring Professor Stahnke teaching us some tricks to play around in Excel!! If time permits, we’ll look into our portfolio.

This is the last meeting before spring break, YAY, let’s count down!!