John Griffith addresses BMC Endowment! (03/05/10)

Tonight, John Griffith, treasurer and CFO of Bryn Mawr College, gave a wonderfully helpful and interesting talk about our school’s endowment. Mr. Griffith discussed the differences between Bryn Mawr (and other similar small liberal arts colleges) versus the larger, well-known universities (Ivy Leagues, Top 10, and state schools). One factor John addressed was that when comparing endowments between schools, it isn’t so much the size of the endowment to look at, but rather the endowment per student. Bryn Mawr carries a 625 million dollar endowment, with a $22,000 endowment per student…while Pomona college (dubbed “the richest school in the country”) boasts a $44,000 endowment per student! Amongst some of the “richest” schools in the country include Williams, Amherst, Grinell, land our very own neighbor, Swarthmore College!

Be sure to join us at next week’s meeting, for Senior Career Panel! Come here about what all your senior friends are doing after they graduate, and pick up some insider tips on how to get a job in the current economy! Look forward to seeing you allll 🙂