3/11: Annual Senior Career Panel!

This year’s Senior Career Panel featured 5 impressive Mawrtyrs from the Class of 2010, who each shared with us their plans for post-graduation, and the paths they each took to get to where they’re going! The panelists provided thorough insight into the process–ranging from applications to jobs, to grad schools, and even to Peace Corp! They discussed the nature of the interviews, with different types of interview styles across various different industries (i.e. the “case” interviews for consulting, the “stress” interviews for finance, etc.), and how to best prepare. Overall, the Senior Class of 2010 Career Panel was a huge success and we are all very proud of the soon-t0-be graduates and their success! Many Thanks and a Big Congratulations to the following panelists for their words of wisdom and encouragement!

Kira Gendlerman
Mgmt Trainee Program

Yuliya Orlova
Analysis group

Pauline Stern
Econ Masters Program
Oxford Univ

Alyssa Martin
Risk Analyst
Munich Re America

Lucy Sung
Peace Corps
Graduate School in Public Health

Some Key Take-Aways and Words of Advice, regarding the Application Process, Courtesy of the 2010 Panelists:

*Take Initiative! This is something that you have to pursue individually!

*No need to be Selective (most of the panelists applied to a vast number of firms, anywhere from 50-80 and more applications!)

*The importance of Networking **Especially Alumni!

*Reach out beyond CDO!

*Practice and Get Good at Interviewing! Practice talking to people, reading people, interacting with people, etc. *Practice your general answers. Know terminology (especially important for Finance interviews!). Organize your thoughts ahead of time.

*Go to Thinktanks…just get out, Get Exposure! (interview questions often are geared to gage how you can handle stress, your team building skills, leadership skills, experience, strengths & weaknesses, how you work under a boss, the way you interact with a group of people, etc.)

*Grad school –> Necessary that you have some Research background, make use of your summers!

*In general –> Make use of your summers!

*Firms want to see that you actually know that you’re interested in the day to day activities that would be required of you. You must be able to demonstrate that you’ve done your research and that you’re interested.

*Get Started on Application Process Early (start in Fall or sooner!!) 

*Be Organized! Keep a detailed record of what emails were sent out/when/to who, etc.

*Resources/places to find job: Ocean, SLAC (Student Liberal Arts Consortium) = for full time jobs: apply for SLAC by October! =Great for people who don’t know exactly what they want to do, as it features many different firms across a variety of different industries.

*Application Process is a Huge Time Commitment –> treat it like another courseload.

*And, Most Importantly… Don’t Get Discouraged!!! You are all Brilliant, Impressive, and Amazing Women, with a LOT to offer! Just be patient, and stay focused on the future, for the right thing for you will come at the right time 🙂