Welcome Back!

Dear Ladies,

Welcome back on campus! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and fruitful summer. The exciting news is that OIG will start it’s meeting soon as well. We will have our regular meetings this semester on Wednesdays, 9:00pm-10:00pm at Taylor F (for those of you who hasn’t quite¬† familiarize yourself with the campus geography yet, it’s the cozy room with a gigantic and classy wooden door on the second floor of Taylor Hall).

Although the Fall Frolic doesn’t start until September 16th (please check us out and sign up on site!!),¬† our first meeting of this semester will take place on September 15th, Wednesday, 9:00pm-10:00pm at Taylor F. It will be our annual tradition: Summer Panel. We will invite a group of brilliant fellow Mawrters who have done exciting jobs or internships during the summer to share with us how they got there and what they’ve learned throughout the process. Everyone is welcome to this event.

Also, this year we have a stellar new team of board members who will be contributing to OIG alongside with you.

President: Sarah Bereznak 11′

Portfolio Manager: Yufan Wang 11′

Treasurer: Ruilin Xu 11′

Publicity Chair: Sophia Abbound 12′

Secretary: Lingyi Sun 12′

Questions?? Feel free to leave a comment.

So much for the welcome introduction. Hope to see you at OIG’s first event in two weeks and we hope you have a wonderful new semester!