OIG Meeting September 22nd

We had our first meeting after Fall Frolic at Taylor Hall this Wednesday. Thanks to all of you who showed up and we really appreciate your wonderful contributions!! This meeting was more of an introduction of who we are and it showed you how we will operate in the future.

We had everyone introduce themselves. We also talked briefly about how OIG started and what we have been doing since 1976. This year’s board members include Sasha Bereznak (President, 11’), Yufan Wang (Portfolio Manager 11’), Ruilin Xu (Treasurer 11’), Sophia Abboud (Publicity Chair 12’) and Lingyi Sun (Secretary 12’). Sasha drew out two tickets for our raffle. This year’s raffle stocks are Whole Foods and Google. Nice choices!!

Later on, Yufan gave an excellent presentation of the newsletter that she made. It looked so professional and polished!! She briefly reviewed our portfolio. Some of you made great suggestions about probing the possibilities of buying natural resources stocks or mutual funds. We will look into them in more details in our future meetings.

A brief blog tour was given by Lingyi. Ruilin then started to talk about our word of the week: Beta. It is an indicator that compares the growth (decline) of the stock against the market. In the future, Ruilin will be talking about the word of the week at the beginning of each meeting. We hope to generate a list of the buzz words for all of you by the end of the semester. Hopefully these will all come in handy.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to leave a comment!!

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