OIG Meeting September 28th

Dear all,

Our meeting this week was awesome! ! We covered a lot and got a lot done. Great job, ladies!

We mainly put forward the question of Google v. Whole Foods, the two stocks picked by our two raffle winners last week. Yufan gave a wonderful recap on how the two stocks were doing. Then we discussed the pros and cons of the two choices in order to buy the appropriate number of shares from one of them.



  • Go-Google
  • Well-established
  • Andriod


  • High price, not much room left for price boom
  • Already too much IT in our portfolio

Whole Foods


  • It’s food!! Basic need of people
  • Cheap price
  • Great company to work for, vault and Forbes reported
  • High potential of growth, good for long term
  • Hints of expansion: Next Starbucks?


  • Not sure if it is recession-proof because it is so high-end
  • Mid-term elections pending, volatility concerns

Finally, after a blind vote, we choose to buy 50 shares of Whole Foods. *High Fives* Special thanks to Lilly, Evelyn, Tong and others who have contributed!!

It will contribute to the diversification of our stocks and we are optimistic about its future growth.

Sasha also announced that we will be having a NY trip on November 5th. We will be visiting J.W. Bristol and Morgan Stanley, great places to go if you are into finance. Since the seats are extremely limited, please look out for our emails and RSVP as soon as possible.

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