OIG Valentine’s Day

Dear all,

Thanks for coming to OIG’s weekly meeting on Valentine’s Day. All the single ladies rock!!:) (and non-singles alike.)

We kicked off with an introduction of futures. Future is a riskier investment option than options. For details, please consult investopedia.

Yufan did a great market re-cap. She introduced us to Boston Beer Company(SAM). After selling EROC, we have been thinking for a really long time to buy a new stock. Yufan backs this stock on several grounds.

  • Successfully withstood the financial crisis
  • Has no debt or obligations to service, which is a huge plus
  • International market presence and great earning forecast

However, our members also voiced out some concerns about SAM:

  • Price too high (running at 94 at the time of decision)
  • PE much higher than industrial average or major competitors (29+)
  • Earnings report will be released pretty soon by the end of March

As usual, we held a vote, and reached a consensus of buying 30 shares of it at $90. If you have any questions or concerns about this stock, please contact Yufan.

P.S. Our club donation is coming out soon. It is operated on a first come first served basis. If you or your club want to get OIG funding, you will need to be the first 5 people to submit a proposal to our publicity chair Sophia Abboud. Look out for Sophia’s email.

It is the annual hell week’s time for Bryn Mawrtyrs. Enjoy this special time of the year with your heller (or hellee)!