OIG updates 2.29

Welcome! Today is the 29th of February of 2012. A very special Wednesday as it is our last meeting before break.

Following last week’s club function, we had another group called “She Is The First”. The founder worked at 17 fashion magazine. “She Is The First” is an organization that provides support to first generation students going to college. The group is planning to have a fund raising event at Thomas Great Hall. The group will seek help from The Graduate School of Social Work to help make this event happen. They will try to use the funds raised to cover the travel and food at event and they will also try to invite the founder to the event and they will be responsible for the Amtrak, night-time event. They already received $600 from SGA, but they will need $1000 in total so they need an additional $400. The group is also contacting the  Dean’s Office and Graduate School of Social Work to get support for this event. The presenter from the group is to cover food expenses, and she will try to find a restaurant that offers a reasonable price with  prior experience at Bryn Mawr. They plan n using the food as an incentive to make people attend the event.

This week, we will introduce a new way to present the “Word of The Week”, by including the word in the article. This week, we talked about EV/sale. Low EV/sale is more attractive. When the ratio increases, it means there is more demand for goods.

Evelyn did a presentation about Apple Inc. Today’s price was 542.44. We looked at a graph showing change in the past 52 weeks. Our portfolio displaced a broadened gap between our good-performance stocks Apple and bad-performance stocks, Exxon Mobil. We figured, with the coming release of the Ipad 3 on the March 7th, the performance of our Apple stocks will be steady and strong. The new iPad will have an improved camera and 10 hour battery life. High growth of Apple has a 19% global cellphone and is expecting expand in global arena. Apple also accumulated lots of cash and we are expecting the price to reach 600 soon and 700 at the end of the year. There is plenty room for growth .

Lingyi also did a market recap.