OIG’s General Body Meeting- 09/18/2012

The meeting started off at 9:10pm.

Andrea started off with a brief overview of OIG.

Alisha did a presentation on finance and importance of studying finance. She also did a run through of important financial terms and financial instruments.

Shuning then did her stock pitching on TripAdvisor LLC. She talked about the company history and structure and the business model (how the TripAdvisor Media Group makes its money) and we made a decision to revisit it.

Andrea then continued with prepping for our trip to JP Morgan.  Duong and Sebastian took over with Networking 101. They talked about researching, reaching out to alumni, dress codes, materials to take along and planning one’s route. They also talk about attitude during networking events and networking skills.  Also, ensure that you do background research and get there early!

Andrea and Thanh-Trang then talked about dressing and appearance in professional settings such as interviews and networking events.

Andrea closed up the meeting at 10:00pm.

See you all next week!