Annual Senior Career Panel on Thursday, April 18th at 10:00 pm

OIG’s annual Senior Career Panel will be tomorrow (04/18) in Taylor G at 10:00pm. The Panel will feature four impressive Mawrtyrs from the Class of 2013:

  • Bianca Boranda who will be working as a Quantitative Financial Analyst at Chatham Financial;
  • Wendy Huang who will be working as an Analyst at the UCF Group;
  • Yulia Belyakova who will be working as an Analyst at The Analysis Group;
  • Shuning Yan who will be working as an Associate at The Parthenon Group.

They will provide thorough insight into job applications and interviews and the paths they each took to get where they are going.

See you there!


OIG General Body Meeting (04/04/2013)

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea talked briefly about the elections for the next Executive Board. Don’t forget to fill out the form if you’re interested in running for a position on the board. Nominations close on Wed, April 10th at 5:30pm and elections will be held during the general body meeting on Thursday, April 11th.

Dingwei did the market update. Dell is going private through a leveraged buyout by Blackstone. The Blackstone Group L.P. (BX) will begin its analysis of Dell’s financial records starting on Monday as it moves forward with its buyout bid for the company. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan will be revising the buyout.

Facebook will be releasing its HTC First Android phone, the first phone to come pre-loaded with Facebook’s new Home mobile home screen/launcher and AT&T will sell it exclusively for $99.99 starting April 12. The phone system is a modification of Google’s Android Operating System. The “First” is a nice comfortable device, especially for those who are looking for a hyper social experience.

Apple, on the other hand, is working on a less expensive iPhone that will probably come out in the second half of the year. The company is set to begin production this quarter. A less expensive iPhone will do good for Apple as it will cater to developing and lower income economies which other technology companies like Samsung and Nokia have been successful in doing already with their less expensive smart phones.

Kiki pitched a stock: DDD. SD Systems Corporation (DDD) is one of the biggest firms in the budding 3D printing industry. It is a profitable firm with a lot of capacity to grow. We will be looking into other companies in the 3D printing industry.

Alisha did a quick portfolio review. Cisco Sys Inc (CSCO), which we bought in 2007, has been doing poorly for a very long time. We decided to sell it.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

See you all next week!


OIG General Body Meeting (03/28/2013)

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea went over the guidelines for the upcoming elections. Each Board member talked about her respective duties and responsibilities. If you are interested in running for a position on the Executive Board for the 2013-2014 year sign up using this form: before the 10th of April, 2013 at 5:00pm. All active members of OIG who will be at Bryn Mawr for the entire academic year are encouraged to run for a position.

Dingwei did the weekly market update. The S&P 500 index set an all-time closing high today (03/28). It pushed to record territory during midmorning trading; closing at a value of 1,569. It joins the Dow in recovering from all financial losses. This increase is a show of faith in the Fed.

Amazon is set to acquire Goodreads, a book site.

President Michael Dell of Dell Inc. met with Blackstone this week and there is talk of a buyout. We will have to wait and see where this goes!

Alisha did the weekly portfolio review. She talked about Cyclacel which has some drugs in the pipeline and if successful would lead to an appreciation of its stock. She also talked about Apple (AAPL) which we believe is undervalued right now at a price of about $460. This is low for a firm with a lot of cash and very impressive sales. Apple has sold over 500 million iOS devices and 40% of those devices were sold last year. It has experienced impressive revenue growth in China. We believe Apple is still very much a good investment and will be holding on to it for now.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

OIG General Body Meeting (03/21/2013)

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea announced the upcoming elections for the Executive Board for next school year. Nominations will be open soon! She also talked about the upcoming Bryn Mawr at Work Series. We will be having speakers from China, Mexico and Indonesia. Do sign up as soon as possible if you are interested in attending because spaces are limited!

Dingwei did a market update. Apple has been upgraded by analysts and is doing better. This is good news for us as Apple makes up a very significant share of our portfolio. There was a Fed meeting yesterday in which Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed plans on keeping short term interest rates at near zero at least until unemployment falls to 6.5% or projected inflations gets above 2.5%. This policy change is aimed at encouraging businesses and consumers to invest and thus hasten an economic recovery.

Alisha did a portfolio review. She went over all the stocks we have in our portfolio and also reviewed their performances.

Bryce pitched a stock:TMF; a 20-year Treasury bill. We will be looking further into investing in this.

Andrea talked about 3-D printing industry which is another industry that we are looking to invest in. She also talked some 3-D printing companies such as 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) and Stratasys, Inc. (SSYS). The 3D printing industry is increasingly expanding and is expected to change the landscape of the manufacturing industry over the next decade.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

See you all next week. Same place, same time!


OIG General Body Meeting (03/07/2012)

The meeting started with Wendy talking about the Global Investment Contest organized by The Chinese Finance Association and co-sponsored by Acme, Wall Street Multimedia and CSSA. Registration for competing is still open and you can register here if you’re interested

Andrea gave an update on our performance in the Adirondack Cup Competition.

Dingwei did a market update. The Dow Jones has reached a new-high and is currently about twice its 2009 value.

Andrea and Alisha did a review of our portfolio and also talked about the new stocks, Ellie Mae and Esterline Tech Corp., which we purchased recently which have been doing well since we purchased them. We also talked about a stock that Lise had pitched earlier, Michael Kors Holdings Limited. We looked into the company and reviewed its balance sheet for the previous year. The demand for these luxury goods has increased despite the recession.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

General Body Meeting (02/27/2013)

The meeting started off with Dingwei, our Publicity Chair, giving a market update. The Dow reached a five-year high. The Sequester, the cut in federal spending, took effect on March 1st and there is a lot of speculation on how this will affect the economy exactly.

Apple held its annual shareholders meeting today and Tim Cook spoke about the disappointment of shareholders in Apple’s current share price but urged everyone to focus on the long term and future profits and revenues.

We watched another interesting episode of Shark Tank.

Lise pitched a new stock, Michael Kors and we had a discussion on luxury goods.

See you all next week!

OIG General Body Meeting (02/20/2013)

Dingwei did a quick market update at the start of the meeting!

Andrea discussed future events that OIG is planning. Some of them include:

-A proposed Skype event with an alum of the Class of 2007 to discuss negotiating a career path back to China. This event is not open to only Chinese students.

-A forum with alums working in Singapore, Hong Kong and London in management, finance, marketing and sales.

-A forum with an alum working in environmental consulting in Jakarta.

-A forum with an alum working in investment banking in Mexico City.

These events will be open to all students on campus and not just members of OIG. However, the events are still in the works but we will keep you posted!

Alisha did a review of our portfolio. She discussed some of the stocks we are planning on selling.

Lise pitched a stock: Huaneng Power International Ltd. Huaneng is one of the five largest power producers in China. It engages in development, construction and operation of large power plants.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm. See you all next week. Same place, Same time!

First General Body Meeting (02/06/2013)

Welcome back everyone!

Our first meeting of the year and semester was held in Taylor G and started at 9:10pm.

Andrea gave an overview of OIG’s schedule for the semester. She gave a summary of intended events and trips that OIG is planning for the semester.

Alisha gave a brief overview of investing. She talked about the meaning and importance of investing, the concept of compounding, types of instruments that we could invest it, and portfolios and diversification.

We watched an episode of Shark Tank to get an idea of real world investing and entrepreneurship.

Dingwei gave us a market update.

Yiwen pitched a stock: Ellie Mae Inc. and we will be looking further into it.

The meeting ended at 10:10pm.


OIG General Body Meeting 11/13/2012

The meeting started at 9:10 pm.

Alisha presided over the meeting in the absence of Andrea.

She talked about OIG’s plan to donate towards Hurricane Sandy relief and a possible phonathon to raise money. Then we went over the portfolio and saw changes in it that had occurred recently. Some members talked about how they felt about some of the stocks in the portfolio.

Wendy and Alisha took us through the Excel tutorial which was interesting and educational.

The meeting ended at 10:10 pm.

See you all next week!