OIG General Body Meeting (03/07/2012)

The meeting started with Wendy talking about the Global Investment Contest organized by The Chinese Finance Association and co-sponsored by Acme, Wall Street Multimedia and CSSA. Registration for competing is still open and you can register here if you’re interested https://sites.google.com/site/investmentcontestglobal/home

Andrea gave an update on our performance in the Adirondack Cup Competition.

Dingwei did a market update. The Dow Jones has reached a new-high and is currently about twice its 2009 value.

Andrea and Alisha did a review of our portfolio and also talked about the new stocks, Ellie Mae and Esterline Tech Corp., which we purchased recently which have been doing well since we purchased them. We also talked about a stock that Lise had pitched earlier, Michael Kors Holdings Limited. We looked into the company and reviewed its balance sheet for the previous year. The demand for these luxury goods has increased despite the recession.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.