OIG General Board Meeting (02/26/2014)

Market update this week includes: US stocks have been on rise due to strong housing data. However labour market is still weak as job market condition is still uncertain. Also, Tesla Motors has been doing very well and has gone up 18% over past two sessions to an all-time high. Facebook acquired What’sapp , which is an instant messaging service for smartphone, for $19 billion. Currently, facebook dominates global market. Line, which is similar to Whatsapp, is preparing its IPO as well and is currently evaluated around 27 billion. T-mobile’s revenue increases but was not as much as expected.

Portfolio update: New changes have been made in our portfolio since our last meeting. In order to diversify our portfolio management team bought stocks such as Alaska Air group, Simon Property group and JP Morgan. Our portfolio has been performing modestly and has currently increased by 17%. Also, Bryn Mawr is participating in Adirondack Competition and is currently second in position.

After the portfolio update, Bryce presented about “Bull and Bear Market”. Bull Market is associated with market which is trending upward with ¾  of all stocks rising. Generally, it has high consumer confidence and low unemployment level. Also it is considered to be spending market. On the other hand Bear Market is trending downwards with ¾ of all stocks decreasing. Generally, it is a selling market with low consumer confidence. US market right now is a dying bull market. Although stocks have been increasing, it is mostly because of the money fed by the Fed into the economy. For more information you can go to : http://www.investopedia.com/university/stocks/stocks7.asp

After the presentation, Dingwei asked a market sizing brain teaser. Everyone got into pairs and tried to solve the problem. The question was “How many trains are there on the London Underground?” The link for the answer is: http://www.oliverwyman.com/careers/join-us/interview-preparation/brain-teasers.html