3 Day Startup Summit in Philadelphia

Nvigor, a student run origanization that seeks to promote entrepreneurship at the collegiate level for students in the greater Philadelphia region (www.nvigor.org), is hosting the 3 Day Startup Summit in Philadelphia this year (philadelphia.3daystartup.org). This is a three day event from March 28 – March 30 where students can immerse themselves in the entrepreneurship environment and develop critical skills. Students will be connected with a powerful network of mentors together with 50 other students that share similar passions in entrepreneurship. Over the course of 3 days, students will create a business model, be in contact with potential customers and develop lasting professional/personal relationships.

The 3 Day Startup Summit are looking for students who can fulfill the following roles:

Software Engineer

Business (Finance, Marketing, Biz Dev)

Graphic Design (Web, Print)
Advertising, PR
Other: Wildcards, Raw Passion
Application Website: http://philadelphia.3daystartup.org/apply/. Application deadline is March 8, and applicants will be notified of their admissions status sometime between March 14-21. More information can be found at www.3daystartup.org, or by contacting founders@3daystartup.org.