General Meeting(02/04/2014)

Portfolio Update

  • Increased about $10,000 from Dec.
  • Allocate money in different industries and different cap scale
  • Examples of current industries in our portfolio:¬†pharmaceutical company, airline, financial service, tech company, emerging market, energy, entertainment, consumer goods, telecom.

Interview tips

Typical questions

  • Walk me through your resume, tell your story
  • Opinion on the market, current events: have an opinion, a thesis. How is the emerging market?
  • Technical questions such as stock pitch
  • Behavioral questions: How do you deal with stress, conflict, etc. Look at company culture.

Useful knowledge

  • Know major economic policy. For example, the interest rate may increase soon, how is it gonna influence the market?
  • Know differences and relationship¬†between two assets. Eg bond market and stock market.
  • Know foreign exchange rate and how is our currency doing.