General Meeting(02/11/2015)

Market Update

  • U.S Economy:
  • U.S unemployment claims were up to 278000, but the increase is smaller than expected
  • The U.S Economy Added 247,000 jobs in January, well above expectation
  • Oil tumbled for the second day in a row, with the U.S benchmark slipping back below 50 a barrel.
  • Global:
  • The ECB to stop accepting Greek debt as collateral
  • China reported weaker than expected export(Downto 3.3%) and import data on Sunday, raising concern that China’s growth is slowing.
  • Companies:
  • Verizon: sell its wireless tower to American Tower for 5.1 bill and its local fixed line assets.
  • Time Warner reported 1% decrease in revenue last quarter
  • Apple’s market cap reaches 700 bill Giant as the first U.S Company with Market Cap exceeding 700 bill.

 Porter’s Five Force

Porter’s Five forces is an analysis tool to analyze the competition level of a company. Here are the five forces:

  1. Easiness of entry for new participants
  2. Number and activity of the company’s rivals
  3. The possibility of new product
  4. Bargaining power of the industry suppliers
  5. The consumer’s bargaining powe

For more information on Porter’s Five Forces, please check the video posted on Investopedia: