General Meeting(3/25/2015)

Market Update

U.S Market

  • Crude oil futures rallied 3.6% to 49.21 a barrel, gaining for the fourth day in a row
  • Dollar retreats from historic high


Nike: solid fiscal 2015 third quarter result

  • Double digit revenue grow
  • Excluding currency fluctuation 12% growth in rev
  • Including dollar appreciate 7% growth

Kraft and Heinz merge to form the world’s largest food and beverage company

  • Merger valued around 48 million
  • Post-merger revenue around 38 million

Facebook plans to add reservation booking, online order tracking and custom videos on messenger

Stock Pitch: Coco- cola (KO)

Business Overview

  • World’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non- alcoholic beverage
  • Produce both carbonated and non- carbonated beverage
  • Has 8.4% global market share.
  • Its competitor Pepsi Co holds the NO. 6- 3.6%
  • Pepsi defend structure as a beverage and snack foods business—- coke is digging deeper into beverages
  • Consistent issuance of dividend

Stock Summary

  • Dependency on emerging markets, which have become more volatile in recent times
  • 2015 will be transitional years—- rewards 2016-2017 onward.
  • And since the start of 2007, Coco- cola has outperformed both Pepsi and the S&P 200 on a total return basis, shares of coco-cola are up 113%, while Pepsi is up 94%


  • Net operating revenue 45998
  • Stable cash flows- stocks extremely low price volatility
  • Carbonated soft drink volumes declined by 3.2%
  • Expenses decreased slightly year to year, except AD—3,499-3,266
  • EPS grew 5% in both the quarter and the full year
  • The revenue has grown from around 8 million
  • ROA 7.46; ROE 22.26; Revenue 46.00 B; Net Income 7.10 B; Gross Profit 28.11 B

In the News

  • New product- Fairlife milk
  • Product of smaller cans, less calorie, sugar 7.5 oz, 90 cal
  • Cloud technology
  • 30 billion in developing markets around the world over the next five years
  • Management expects 2015 to be a “transition year”
  • 16% stake in Keurig Green Mountain

Risk and competitor

  • Health and wellness concerns
  • Raw materials-corn syrup, aluminum, plastic, oranges, water
  • Needs to balance risk of new innovation with low growth rates of established products
  • Strength of U.S dollar- broad exposure to foreign currencies
  • Competitors: PepsiCo (Pepsi) Cadbury Schweppes (Dr. Pepper)