General Meeting(04/01/2015)

Market Update

U.S Market

  • The benchmark U.S oil price jumped 5.2% to its largest one- day gain in nearly two months
  • Lower than expected economic data such as private employment and manufacturing data, caused stocks to fall

Foreign Market

  • Greece failed on Tuesday to reach an initial deal on reforms with its lenders, a precondition for financial.
  • Chinese officials indicated that there is room to ease monetary policy to help boost economic growth


Go Daddy IPO:

  • Internet domain registrar and web hosting company
  • IPO priced at 20 per share and opened today at 26.15, 1 41% increase
  • IPO raised about $ 440 million
  • Revenue rose 52% in last 3 years.

Google Smartbox

  • Google announced that it will release its first version of Smartbox soon, a home- friendly, high-tech mailing box system

Stock Pitch

Skyworks Solutions Inc.

Skyworks Strategy

  • Diversification
  • Industry- Leading Technology
  • Customer Relations
  • Delivering Operational Excellence

Risk Factors

  • Erosion of average selling prices of established products is typical of the semiconductor industry
  • The competitive environment in the semiconductor industry
  • The availability of raw materials from suppliers
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Demand for products generally occurs in first fiscal quarter ending in December and he lowest demand for handset products generally occurs in our second fiscal quarter ending in March
  • Apple is 30% of their business so apple has a significant influence on its business

Research & Development

  • Invested 226.3 million, 212.5 million and 168. Million in research and development activities during the fiscal year ended 2013,2014 and 2015

An interesting Shark tank episode that we watched:–rqtw