Subfields in Finance – 09/30/2015

Market Update – by Linh C. Nguyen:

  • The Q3 market report shows the Labor market was doing well with more job openings, while Commodities and Housing markets were not doing so well with the dropping price of oil and gold.
  • The U.S stock tumbled a lot in Q3.
  • Microchip Credit Card became standard. News reported that it will be a different, but more secure way to pay. However, it takes time for market to adapt to it.

Stock Pitch – NETFLIX (NFLX) – by Fatema Esaa:

  • NETFLIX is doing Internet television network. The outstanding points about NFLX are that it has high user credibility and weak competitors. Also it keeps expanding original content and is entering Japan and other foreign markets.
  • The risk of NFLX is that it has the possibility of expanding too fast. Moreover, the Television and Music market is a volatile market. In addition, Japanese and other Asian TV markets are already very developed.
  • OIG’s recommendation is: BUY.

Career Opportunities in Finance – by Nancy Yannan Li:

  • Most finance jobs are divided into buy-side (hedge funds, asset managers, private equity, venture capital, mutual funds, etc.) and sell-side (investment banks, stock brokers, and market makers). They play different roles in the market.
  • A financial services company is usually divided into three parts: front, middle and back office. All of them play important roles in the company.
  • Consulting is not a part of the buy-side or sell-side, but is always mentioned when we talk about finance careers. It examines a client’s organization, works out the best approach to improve it, and implements agreed actions to bring about positive, lasting and profitable change.