Networking Workshop – 10/7/2015

Market Update – by Camilla Dornquast:

  • Central banks around the world have been dumping U.S. bonds at the fastest pace on record.
  • The Fed decided not to raise interest rate.
  • The lower-than-expected inflation rate in U.S caused the commodities market to not do well.

Stock Pitch – by Siran Tang:

  • OIG sold ANIK in the health care sector because it has small market cap and did not do well even when ObamaCare was released.
  • In replacement of ANIK, OIG decided to buy UNH, which has the second largest market cap among its peers. It is a more stable stock.
  • The risk of UNH is that since it has business across states, different state laws for health care can impact its performance.

Tips for Networking – Nancy Yannan Li:

  • Be prepared before the event, such as bring a polished resume, do research etc.
  • Dress properly for the event. Then, during the event be confident and show your interests by asking smart questions.
  • Always follow up within 24 hours by emails and LinkedIn.