OIG’s General Body Meeting- 10/02/2012

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea talked about the OIG blog and how members should use it to keep up with OIG’s activities.  She also talked about the upcoming trip to BlackRock, NY next week Friday, October 12th. We’re all looking forward to the trip. The trip is open to Bryn Mawr and Haverford women. Sign up if you haven’t don so already!

She talked about the Adirondack Cup Competition that OIG will be participating in. This competition is already in in motion and the OIG team is working hard to win!

We talked about the trip to JP Morgan last week. Members who went on the trip talked about what they took home from the trip. It was a very interesting trip. We were received very well at JP Morgan and given advice about how we, as women, could face the challenges we face in the world of finance.

Andrea went over the portfolio, going over stocks we may sell or buy. She also gave short lessons on some financial terms.

See you all next week!