OIG General Body Meeting (03/21/2013)

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea announced the upcoming elections for the Executive Board for next school year. Nominations will be open soon! She also talked about the upcoming Bryn Mawr at Work Series. We will be having speakers from China, Mexico and Indonesia. Do sign up as soon as possible if you are interested in attending because spaces are limited!

Dingwei did a market update. Apple has been upgraded by analysts and is doing better. This is good news for us as Apple makes up a very significant share of our portfolio. There was a Fed meeting yesterday in which Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed plans on keeping short term interest rates at near zero at least until unemployment falls to 6.5% or projected inflations gets above 2.5%. This policy change is aimed at encouraging businesses and consumers to invest and thus hasten an economic recovery.

Alisha did a portfolio review. She went over all the stocks we have in our portfolio and also reviewed their performances.

Bryce pitched a stock:TMF; a 20-year Treasury bill. We will be looking further into investing in this.

Andrea talked about 3-D printing industry which is another industry that we are looking to invest in. She also talked some 3-D printing companies such as 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) and Stratasys, Inc. (SSYS). The 3D printing industry is increasingly expanding and is expected to change the landscape of the manufacturing industry over the next decade.

The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

See you all next week. Same place, same time!