OIG General Body Meeting 10/23/2012

We started the meeting at 9:00pm.

Andrea talked about the release of the new Ipad Mini by Apple and the decrease in the value of Apple’s stock.

Then we had the new Portfolio Management Committee take us through stocks that we may be investing in. Lise talked about HALO, Aly talked about Tempur-Pedic Intenrational Inc, Esther talked about New Oriental Education & Technology Group (EDU), Yiwen talked about Esterline Technologies Corporation (ESL), and Alisha spoke about Swift Transportation (SWFT). Alisha also gave us market updates.

Meetings ended at 10:00PM

OIG’s General Body Meeting- 10/09/2012

The meeting started of at 9:10 pm.

Andrea started off by going over our portfolio. We talked about the stocks that we will be selling and then re-investing the funds into other stocks. We also reviewed some other stocks on the portfolio that have been performing poorly. We are hoping that these stocks do pick up!

We also learnt the meanings of some financial terms.

Then Andrea reviewed the stocks that the Adirondack Team is considering in investing in for the Adirondack Competition.

Andrea rounded up the meeting with talking about the BlackRock trip this Friday. She reminded all members about the proper mode of dressing and proper etiquette while there. Everyone’s looking forward to the trip.

The next General Body Meeting will be after Fall Break on the 24th of October. Same place, Same time. See you all then!


OIG’s General Body Meeting- 10/02/2012

The meeting started at 9:00pm.

Andrea talked about the OIG blog and how members should use it to keep up with OIG’s activities.  She also talked about the upcoming trip to BlackRock, NY next week Friday, October 12th. We’re all looking forward to the trip. The trip is open to Bryn Mawr and Haverford women. Sign up if you haven’t don so already!

She talked about the Adirondack Cup Competition that OIG will be participating in. This competition is already in in motion and the OIG team is working hard to win!

We talked about the trip to JP Morgan last week. Members who went on the trip talked about what they took home from the trip. It was a very interesting trip. We were received very well at JP Morgan and given advice about how we, as women, could face the challenges we face in the world of finance.

Andrea went over the portfolio, going over stocks we may sell or buy. She also gave short lessons on some financial terms.

See you all next week!



OIG’s General Body Meeting- 09/25/2012

This week we had our 2012 Summer Internship Panel.

It started off at 9:00pm. We had a total of four panelists who shared their unique summer experiences while interning in various financial fields with Owl Investment Group members and the BMC community.

Vanessa Gonzalez interned at Mujeres 2000, a micro finance company in Argentina. Lise Wagnac interned at the Wealth Management Division of Morgan Stanley in Boston. Nkiru Anizoba interned at the Mergers and Acquisition Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria. Yolanda Yue Shao interned at the CIO’s trading desk of Bank of America.

They all discussed their process of internship searching and shared their unique experiences in their various workplaces during the summer. They also gave advice about making use of the many resources both online and in the Career Development Office.

They also took time to answer questions asked by the audience.

It was a very interactive, informative and enlightening session.

See you all next week!













OIG’s General Body Meeting- 09/18/2012

The meeting started off at 9:10pm.

Andrea started off with a brief overview of OIG.

Alisha did a presentation on finance and importance of studying finance. She also did a run through of important financial terms and financial instruments.

Shuning then did her stock pitching on TripAdvisor LLC. She talked about the company history and structure and the business model (how the TripAdvisor Media Group makes its money) and we made a decision to revisit it.

Andrea then continued with prepping for our trip to JP Morgan.  Duong and Sebastian took over with Networking 101. They talked about researching, reaching out to alumni, dress codes, materials to take along and planning one’s route. They also talk about attitude during networking events and networking skills.  Also, ensure that you do background research and get there early!

Andrea and Thanh-Trang then talked about dressing and appearance in professional settings such as interviews and networking events.

Andrea closed up the meeting at 10:00pm.

See you all next week!

OIG’s General Body Meeting- 09/11/2012

Welcome back OIG members!

The first OIG General Body Meeting took place on the 09/11/2012 in Taylor G. We had a great turnout. We welcomed new and returning members.

Andrea started off the meeting with introducing the new Executive board and all the members got to know a little bit about each other. She also discussed the agenda for OIG for the semester and year ahead. And discussed future plans and events (trips, panels, networking events).

We voted on the OIG Logo.

Alisha then did a ten-minute presentation on the meaning of Finance. She spoke about the importance of having a good knowledge of finance and important financial statements and financial instruments.

Wendy then took over with “Careers in Finance”.  She spoke of the main sectors of careers in finance and career opportunities and credentials.

Dingwei went ahead to talk about Personal Finance, giving tips about how to manage personal finance.

85 Broads and Bi-Co Business Clubs made an appearance at the meeting telling us what they were about and what their clubs do. We look forward to continuing our work with them.

Alisha then gave us an overview of the OIG’s portfolio, giving a classification of our stocks by sectors.  She also gave us an overview of the different stocks and growth of the portfolio.

Andrea closed up the meeting at 10:00pm.

Here’s to an amazing year for OIG!